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Longstaff Property Group is a dynamic family owned specialist property management agency comprised of expert investment managers and real estate professionals. We’re committed as one of Brisbane's foremost companies to helping you get the best possible returns. We  excel through enthusiasm, determination and are committed to delivering a superior service; surpassing client expectations on every level.

What sets us apart is - Our People, Our Knowledge and Our Services;

Our team have a deep knowledge and understanding of the South Brisbane rental market. With strong personal experience as investors, we know what’s important to you and what it takes to feel secure & confident in your investment choice. From attracting and retaining the most eligible tenants, to ongoing low fees, outstanding property management reporting and our own in-house maintenance team.

Longstaff Property Group will ensure that your real estate investment experience is profitable and stress-free. It’s what makes us one of the leading management companies in South Brisbane.

Through years of dedication to what we offer through property management, we’ve developed a reputation as one of the leading management companies with reliability, expertise, and efficiency.

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What our customers are saying

A real estate that actually answers a call or in the very least returns calls and emails on the same day. Christina has been amazing and fully translucent in all our dealings. She takes care of our property management needs and tenants with ease.. We can't thank her enough!!

Katie J-- Happy Investor 

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Our Vision

Our Vision at Longstaff Property Group is to be the leader in the Real Estate Sector for Property Management Services based on the highest standard of values and client care. 

Our companies trusted reputation and clear philosophy positions investors with a competitive advantage of knowing they have the collective efforts of a hardworking, highly motivated and intelligent management team working hard for them.

Unlike many other Real Estate Agents, Longstaff Pr​operty Group has no underlying drive to turn over properties in order to generate sales commissions or create rent rolls fast to sell. Why? The reason is simple; we are not in the business of selling properties and our rent roll is the core of our business. 

We are proud of our reputation for integrity, honesty and new aged services. As a family boutique agency, these standards are ingrained into our lives and every thought.

Serviced area


One of the common misconceptions about finding an agent to manage your property is that they need to be in the same neighbourhood, This is simply not true anymore.

Long gone are the days that perspective tenants go from agency to agency in the one area looking for a home to rent or buy, they just don't have the time and with the convenience of the internet they simply do not have to.

Almost 100% of our enquiries come from online media and advertising platforms, this means we can lease and sell to a larger geographic area. 

We operate from Brisbane through South East Brisbane to Ipswich. Covering over 100 different suburbs, we are not chained to our desk, we get out and actively manage our portfolio and build repour with your tenants and local suburbs.

Why we are the best property managers for you

Imagine never having to worry about the day-to-day management of your investment property ever again. That’s the kind of stress-free property management service that we will provide when you join Longstaff Property Group. After all, property is a sizeable investment that should only be made if it is promising. That’s why we are passionate about discussing our clients’ requirements and desires closely to find the best approaches to meet their needs.

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