About Longstaff Property Group

The rise of a client focused real estate agency. 

Building a real estate agency, better.

As an innovative industry leader, our intentions, values and integrity remain as strong as day one.

We are all about genuinely caring for and doing the right thing by our people. Our strong reputation is based on this philosophy, and a new style of real estate. With passionate leadership, strong mentorship and an innovative culture, we are continually challenging our team to bring out the best in themselves. We are proud of our highly trained team who are focussed on delivering world class service and are passionate about learning and growth. 

About Us

 Longstaff Property Group is a highly professional, personalised property management agency. Our values of integrity, commitment and excellence are at the core of our company and they are what make the Longstaff Property Group difference. We believe that to succeed in this industry you need to develop and foster trust and a close working relationship with all stakeholders. We strive to provide our clients with proactive advice and understand that every person is unique, taking time to fully understand and tailor customer needs. Longstaff Property Group team has a hands-on approach to problem solving and are confident that success will be achieved by hard work, experience and common sense.

What sets us apart is our People, our Knowledge, and our Services. Whilst it is largely process driven, it is also fundamentally a business of relationships. And whilst we work exclusively for our clients, we also value our tenants as a vital part of this process.

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Christina Longstaff

Director/ Principle 

Property Manager

Backed by years of experience working in the real estate and legal industry with some reputable agencies.

 The idea to launch a boutique property management agency came from Christina having a bad experience with a real estate agency she was working for not providing the care and support investors needed. Like most agencies, this agency was a sales based agency that was run by a principal that had a sales background and no hands on experience in property management.

It was clear to Christina that there was a gap in the market that wasn’t being filled. A boutique agency that focuses purely on property management.

 An agency that can provide quality client services and guarantees to back them up. 

Christina has a reputation of being extremely dedicated to her business and clients,  Christina brings an impressive spectrum of experience and new age approach to the table in her role as Director and property manager of Longstaff Property Group.

Christina has worked in the industry for multiple years now and holds a number of qualifications that only add to her already extensive knowledge and services she can offer in the real estate industry. As well as being the Director of Longstaff Property Group,  Christina is the driving force behind every property we manage. Her strong people skills and never say never attitude ensures each Lessor and tenant receives a professional and transparent service like no other.


Anthony Longstaff

Maintenance manager

Anthony's role in the company is of great diversity. Together with Christina, they have built a real estate service like no other from humble beginnings into the successful business it is today. Anthony started working in the property industry in 2001 although back then it wasn’t managing properties, it was renovating them!

 Working for a company specialising in property  renovations, Anthony immediately found his passion with property. Over the years, Anthony has transitioned between the tools and studying Business Management and Project Management

Anthony provides the strongest attention to detail, and added bonus of an experienced trade. 

Anthony exemplifies all the qualities needed to manage any maintenance issues that arise, equipped with a great selection of trades for any issues outside of his trade meaning our in house maintenance team has you covered. Anthony is a beacon of knowledge and professionalism.  Landlords and tenants speak highly of his quality in work and communication throughout the maintenance process.   


Office Administration/

Property manager 

Nicole is one of the industry’s most outstanding performers driving Longstaff Property Group to new levels of service excellence.

An industry leader with a passion and commitment to people management sees Nicole take on a role of Office Administrator.

Nicole has a passion for empowering staff and is responsible for the continued coaching and development of the group, working closely with all staff to ensure ongoing success and growth of the business.