Selling tips

Why sell with Longstaff Property Group

Longstaff Property Group is the SALES AGENCY  you have been looking for.

We realise you want to be sure that you are dealing with real people that are experienced, ethical professionals. Our team consists of hard working, honest and reliable people, equipped with, up to the minute market information and the best technology to achieve you great sales results.

Our sales division is focused on delivering the very best experience for every client, 



Longstaff Property Group will work closely with you 

to ensure the most successful result on your home sale or purchase.

What you get !! 

  •  We arrange all the marketing material for your online campaign.
  •  Social media launch
  •  Extensive Buyer client-base contacted
  • Large signboard, flyers and drop cards
  • Online platforms and listing agents such as will be used to market your property. Highlight, standard and premiere listings.
  • Open for inspections and private inspections performed
  • We use professional photography for our online advertisements.
  • Your two dedicated agents
  •  will take all buyer enquiry and arrange any private inspections.
  • You will also be sent property reports so you can see exactly how your property is tracking with real time buyer enquiry levels.
  • If your property does not sell you don't pay one cent more than your Marketing fee.
  • Full after sales service (including attending building and pest inspections, valuations, pre-settlement inspections and solicitor correspondence
  • Zero hidden fees
  • No extra fees or commissions if you receive a higher than listed price sale

Accurate market appraisals

We have an intimate knowledge of property prices in your area, our market appraisals take all local benefits and property condition and careful analysis of other sales in the area.

Targeted Market​ing 

It is important to support any sale with a well- planned marketing strategy to promote unique characteristics, location to help reach maximum buyers.

We don't skimp on marketing your property will receive a online presence through multiple media platforms, Listings will be on the largest property advertising platform in Australia, Longstaff property Group web site, social media platforms and many more.. We also prepare a property presentation and information kit and send it through to our multiple investors and buyers agents for extra exposure... We will provide you with a full marketing plan

Pre- sale mainte​nance 

 When selling a property, presentation is an important consideration, we understand  small repairs, updates and servicing makes all the difference to the final outcome, repainting, minor deck adjustments to flooring our maintenance team  can get your property ready without you lifting a finger. 


Experience has show us that one of the most critical aspects of the sale process is effective and honest communication between all parties from the beginning to the end. We have already shown you that we are transparent and honest in the way we operate, We have been upfront and honest about our fees and inclusions where most agencies tip toe around their fee's and spend so much time trying to justify them to you. We communicate, we Listen and we work hard to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Request an Appraisal

Buying a home is a big decision 

Longstaff Property Group is here to guide you through every step, to ensure you can buy with confidence.. We understand buying a property can be stressful especially if you are interstate and can not personally attend property yourself and sight unseen purchases can lead to negative impacts and properties not been anything like the photos.  We help take the guess work out, the benefit to you is our local knowledge  we know the intricacies of local suburbs which can not be simply googled. We are not the seller therefore we are an unbiased third party with your best interest in mind unlike the selling agent paid to keep sellers best interest in mind. We check the properties true value not just for sale but also rental value as well, we will attend property and complete a report including images, a walk through Video and even a skyp call to walk you through almost as if you were there in person. We can have our maintenance team go through and prepare quotes and report for any maintenance changes or pre rental needs of the property saving you even more time.

A service similar to this can cost you thousands with some buyers agents we are not even close to that price.

Contact us today to arrange your pre purchase inspection